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My eyes pop open and I try to make sense of the swirling shadows that are moving wildly across the walls. I can hear the workers down on the street collecting trash in their noisy truck and groan silently to myself knowing it is way too early. I roll over restlessly, trying to fall back asleep. After several minutes I roll onto my back and realize it's useless, I angrily resort to staring at the ceiling.

I think about getting up to clean the kitchen or possibly watching television but I don't want to wake you so I stay in bed. I turn my head and look at you sleeping. Definitely a better view than the ceiling, I decide. The moonlight is caressing your body, dancing on your cheekbones, highlighting the muscular curves of your chest and gliding through that lovely line of hair right under your navel that I adore. As the rise and fall of your chest mesmerizes me I remember the wonderful sex we had yesterday morning.

Your fingers lightly brushing over my skin at the waistband of my panties stirs me from sleep. Your lips are gently caressing mine as I open my eyes.

"Good morning, baby." Your voice was still a little husky from sleep and it sent shivers down my spine.

"Well good morning to you too." I flash you a smile and prop myself up on my elbows. "You are up awfully early, is there something I can help you with?"

"Well..." You grin back a little sheepishly, "I have a friend that needs your assistance." You finish with a nod towards the large tent that is occupying your boxers.

"I would be happy to oblige, honey." Your fingers continue their decent into my panties as you return to kissing me. I warmed to your touches quickly and before I knew it my legs were wrapped around your waist as you thrust into me.

I grinned at the memory and realized that my own fingers were at my waistband now. I glanced at your face, not wanting to wake you so early but I had myself pretty worked up. I decided to finish the job I started and I closed my eyes as I pushed my hand further until they were curled around my pussy. I sighed quietly as my index finger dipped into my pussy feeling how wet I was. I stroked my lips slowly, arching my back as I brushed over certain spots.

I could feel my cheeks becoming hot and my nipples straining at the fabric of my nightie. My fingers continued their journey, sliding through my lips and seeking out my clit. I teased myself, letting my fingers drift extremely close before drawing back. But finally, after several trips around my pussy I couldn't stand it any longer and gently let my fingers glide over my clit. The feeling was amazing and my head sank deep into the pillow. I traced light circles over my clit, varying the pressure and speed sometimes but keeping up the motions. I bit my lip and tried my best to stay quiet as I slipped farther and farther into my own little world of ecstasy.

I let my fingers finally slip into my pussy as I recalled how your dick felt as it slid into me yesterday. I recalled how I tried to slowly guide your head into me when I really wanted you right that second. But when you finally pushed your dick into my wet pussy, it was pure heaven. You were amazingly hard and managed to caress every single sensitive spot in my pussy. I stroked my fingers in and out as I let my imagination play. I pushed the pads of my fingers into that one special spot as the heel of my hand ground into my clit. A sigh passed my lips as I worked myself closer towards my goal.

My eyelids fluttered open when I felt your lips at my neck. I was very glad for the darkness as my face turned crimson from being caught.

"Carly dear, are you being a naughty girl in my bed?" Your hand slid up my stomach and caressed the underside of my breast. You continued nuzzling into my neck and I could feel the early morning stubble on your chin against my smooth skin.

"Yes, I just couldn't help myself. Did you want to lend a hand?" I smiled at you playfully in the dark.

"Well I think you're doing a terrific job, mind if I just enjoy the show?" You ask and I sighed as you gently nibbled on my earlobe.

"Not at all." I managed to reply as I continued pumping my fingers in and out of my pussy where I left off. I allowed myself to moan out loud now, feeling your eyes on me made my pussy even wetter. I felt you bring your mouth back to my ear but this time to murmur words of encouragement and mentions of even naughtier things. My fingers quickened their pace in my pussy as I got closer and closer to coming.

Finally, my toes started to curl and all my muscles tensed as that familiar series of fireworks started at the tip of my toes and ran recklessly right up to my pussy. I let out a scream as I came; remotely hearing you give a quiet laugh in my ear as I did. My fingers slowly stopped moving as my juices ran down my thighs.

I can feel you stir and give me a light peck on the lips, "Enjoy yourself, baby?" I can only nod before I open my eyes once more. The early light of the sunrise is being filtered into the room, making you look even more gorgeous. Your eyes sparkle as you smile at me. You gently stroke my tummy, letting me calm down.

"I think I might pay to see that again!" You grin mischievously at me.

"Oh really? I think twenty bucks is a fair price." This earns me a laugh and I smile at you.

"Maybe, but not before I have my breakfast!" You reply as you throw the sheet over your head and begin positioning yourself between my spread legs.

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English Sex Stories

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